Policies and FAQs


With the increase in temperatures and DOAs due to customers not properly tracking and checking for their packages, we have decided to come up with a new solution to help keep our aquatic friends safer. 


With that being said, we will only be honoring our 2-hour Arrive Alive Guarantee, DOA window for those who are picking up their animals from a FedEx facility, or have temperatures below 80 degrees through all days the live animals are in transit. If you choose to have it shipped to your home with temperatures above 80 degrees the DOA window will be shortened to 30 minutes upon delivery. Meaning you will only have 30 minutes after delivery to contact us about your DOA before the Arrive Alive Guarantee becomes VOID.


We are making this decision to improve the animal's chances of surviving shipment in the summer months after an increase in DOA's due to customers leaving their shipments outside in the summer heat. 


If you agree to pick up your animals at a FedEx location, you will have 2 hours to pick up the animal after it's arrival at the hub/when the hub opens and contact us if you receive a DOA. Again shipping the animal to your home will shorten your window to contact us with a DOA to just 30 minutes. 


DOA Policy for Axolotl and Bettas: VOID

We do have an arrive alive guarantee. If for any reason, your axolotl or betta doesn't survive the trip, you must send us a VIDEO of your DOA axolotl/betta in their double-bagged shipping bags, within 2 hours of the delivery. Please record all sides of the box, including top and bottom, and all packaging materials along with a photo for the shipping label. We need all of this for insurance purposes. If your animal arrives as a DOA your options will be for us to ship a replacement axolotl/betta of your choice (you will have to pay additional shipping for this) or a refund on the animal (excluding shipping costs.)

DOA Policy for Snails: VOID

Keep in mind that snails can be shy and can take up to 24 hours to come out of their shells upon arrival. Upon the arrival of your snails, if they are inactive, keep them in the provided shipping tub and add some dechlorinated water to encourage them to come out of their shells. If you for some reason fear your snails are DOA, please reach out within 2 hours of delivery with photos of your snails and information on why you feel your snails have passed. Many people reach out claiming DOA and then just a few hours later the snails are peaking out and exploring. If you, in fact, do receive a DOA, we can ship you a replacement of the snails (you will have to pay an additional shipping charge)or refund you the cost of the snails (excluding shipping costs).

Where are you located? 

We are currently located in Bellwood, IL. A west suburb of the city of Chicago.

Are you affiliated with stressinabox on
social media, like TikTok? 

Yes! She is the founder and co-owner of Anderson Aquatics.

Do you ship?

YES! Shipping days are currently set for Tuesday with a limit of 10 orders shipped per week since we are a small business. We do ask that all orders are placed by Saturday evening or your animal will ship the following shipping day to give us time to prepare your order.

Please note it is ILLEGAL for us to ship Axolotls to California, Maine, Virginia, Hawaii, New Mexico, Washington DC, and New Jersey. We DO NOT ship internationally. Orders placed for axolotls from these states will be canceled and refunded. We also ask that gloves are worn when opening your shipment because occasionally we do ship with fiberglass insulation, that can irritate the skin. 

What if my eggs do not mature?

If for some reason your axolotl eggs stop developing/don't hatch, a refund will NOT be given. Anderson Aquatics does NOT ship unviable eggs, which means we cannot be held responsible for errors made by the customer. 

Why do you require customers to pass
a quiz before accessing the store?

After the rise of Jess's social media and internet fame, we wanted a way to ensure that those who were purchasing our aquatics had done their research before bringing them into their home. Requiring customers to pass a short quiz on basic aquatic care not only encourages them to look into these animals more but to make sure this animal is the right one for them. 

What do you feed your juvenile axolotls?

When they are first hatched they are fed baby brine shrimp. Once they reach 2 inches we switch them over to a diet of live blackworms, brine shrimp, pellets, and live earthworms. When our juveniles reach 5 inches we begin to feed them strictly earthworm, the best food for your axolotl. 

How old must I be to purchase an animal from you? 

You must be 18 years or older to purchase an axolotl from us. If you are not 18 years old, a parent can purchase for you.

How do I cycle my tank?

Check out our cycling page by clicking HERE.

What if you don't have what I'm looking for? 

If you have a specific betta you are looking for, contact us to see if it's a type of betta we get have frequently or if we know a breeder who carries them. If there is a specific axolotl you are looking for, contact us for our list of recommended breeders list.

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